Intern Perspective – Gladys Chan

Gladys Chan


Joining the LEED internship and being part of the Fox LEED-EBOM team has been one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve done since I started the Interior Design program at WVC.  I enjoy working on real projects with real people (not fake clients or make-believe class projects, you know)!  We have a great team, everyone is so enthusiastic and put in their best effort into it.  The process of laying the ground work for the LEED certification of the Fox building is not easy nor straight-forward.  It is challenging to try to understand all the details in each credit in LEED; especially with so many technical terms and acronyms that I have never heard of.  But the collaboration with teammates, other internship teams, the architect, facility managers, etc., all help a whole lot in this slow and uncertain process.  For this semester, I hope to accomplish what my team is committed to achieve, that is to 1, establish preliminary scorecard strategies for credit points – this part we have accomplished; 2, translate the scorecard credit into a set of instructions that would become a task list for achieving those target credits; and 3, create a timeline for things to happen in pursuing the LEED certification.

I would love to see the process moving on after this semester and witness the Fox Building get certified ultimately.  The most rewarding part in this process is that as I’m about to graduate, I got to leave not a carbon footprint on this campus but a little “green footprint” instead!


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