Intern Perspective – Karen Brodine

Karen Brodine

Hi, I’m Karen Schneider Brodine and I am a student at West Valley College in both the Interior Design and Sustainable Design Programs.  I come from the exciting worlds of design and structural engineering, computer animation, film production, school district budget and facilities planning, designing and building community playgrounds, teaching grades K-8 and math enrichment, and coaching creative problem solving teams.  I am also a Mom.
My drive for adventure and learning coupled with my passion for sustainability is what brought me to the LEED Internship.  I am excited to be on the LEED Construction Team and have the opportunity to be involved with the different phases of design and construction of three campus buildings:  AAS, LASS, and Campus Center. The design of AAS is my main focus.  While I have prior experience with school facility construction projects, I find it incredibly invigorating to approach this project as a student ambassador of sustainability.  Learning the nuts and bolts of LEED certification is pretty cool, too.  I’m having so much fun being inspired and collaborating with my fellow interns, the West Valley team, and the panel of architects and design professionals.  I hope that my participation as a LEED intern will help to bring about a more sustainable environment on the West Valley Campus.  My ultimate goal is to leverage this experience to effect change in the world; to start with sustainability as a fundamental design directive; to modify habits—one project at a time.

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