Intern Perspective – Jadie Yan


Jadie Yan
 From the moment when I started taking the 29 series classes for the Green
 Certificate at the Interior Design department, I realized that the
 principle of sustainability is no longer about begging a client to
 make a green choice and choosing recycled materials. It is more
 about our cleaner and healthier society.
 I was once a green liaison at our Interior Design Club for a semester,
 and I went to a meeting that’s hosted by USGBC local chapter. I sat
there listening to professionals discussing what the
modifications of new LEED checklists are, and how to get LEED points
when doing a LEED-certified projects. To be honest, I was totally
lost. I really didn’t get what they are talking about. Today, as one
 of the LEED interns at WVC District Standards team, I bet I can answer
 a lot of questions about how to get LEED credits.
At the beginning of my internship, I felt that the DS is tedious and
 unimportant. But as time went on, I become conscious that DS is
 related to all stages of a LEED-certified project. It is important
 guidance on how to prepare for certification from the very beginning
 of the project. I am so thankful that I have this great opportunity to
 delve into LEED certification. It definitely will guide me in my
 career in the future, and to contribute to a better planet.
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