Fox Building Summary Report. Spring 2012

Report by “Embedded Fox Observer”, Carol Langston


On Friday, May 18th, 2012 The Fox EB team met at Aedis Architecture with John Diffenderfer (Aedis Architecture Principal), Anna Harrison (LEED AP and Internship coordinator), Kurt Hibner (WVC and Mission District Custodial Manager) , and  Bill Taylor (WVC Facilities Manager).  The meeting was organized to share the findings of the team members, who had looked into the feasibility of the possible credits previously identified from the LEED EB checklist. From the team members’ research, Program Manager, Maria Vasapollo, was able to put together a Workplan going forward.


The Workplan is separated into Credit Categories and answers the following questions: 


What does the credit require, to earn the maximum points? (details, depth, understanding the “essence” of the requirement) 

Who is needed to complete all the tasks to fulfill the credit requirements?

What products are needed?

How will these products become available?  Is there a lead-time?

What equipment or tools are needed?

How will the equipment and/or tools become available on the day(s) they are needed?

Where, within Fox Center, will the activities take place?

List all the tasks required 

Number the tasks in the order in which they should take place  

Estimate the duration of each task, in terms of days 

Total time:  Add up the durations 


This Workplan will allow the “next generation” of Interns to resume work in the Fall Semester with a plan of action.


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