Green Apple Day of Service – Sept 28 & 29, 2012

Elizabeth Ingram, Karin Detrick, Eve Olimpo, and Karen Brodine

Elizabeth Ingram, Karin Detrick, Eve Olimpo, and Karen Brodine

West Valley College Interns Participate In WVC’s First-Ever GREEN APPLE DAY OF SERVICE

September 28 & 29, 2012

Green Apple Day is an event sponsored by The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council.  The goal of the Center for Green Schools is to ensure that students everywhere  are able to attend a healthy, sustainable school – where the air they breathe is clean, where energy and resources are conserved, and where students are inspired to dream of a brighter future.  The purpose of the Green Apple Day event is to enlist communities around the world to come together for a day in support of “green” schools.

The LEED Internship Group decided to participate in this first-ever event which was scheduled to occur on Saturday, September 29.  During a brainstorming session two weeks earlier, it was agreed that since they had limited time to prepare, they would create and conduct a simple survey on campus.  Eight questions were designed to gauge how important organic and locally grown foods were to participants.   The survey also included questions concerning how they felt about the foods served in their or their children’s school cafeterias.  Since there are no classes on campus on Saturdays, a well-represented group of interns conducted the survey on Friday, September 28.  And in keeping it “green” they used hand-held electronic devices and an online survey service.  They had hoped to get at least 30 responses, but actually managed to get 83 participants representing 14 schools and nine communities.  You can view the results of the survey on Mightybell.  As a “thank you” for participating, respondents received a free “green apple” donated by Taylor Ranch with an attached tag guiding them to the website where they could learn more about The Center for Green Schools and USGBC.

Intern Jadie Yan & a survey participant

The internship group had also hoped to be able to conduct the survey at the Farmer’s Market on campus on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, this was not allowed by the powers that be.  Instead, Elizabeth Ingram and Karin Detrick manned a table there and were available to answer questions from passersby about Green Apple Day and the Center for Green Schools.

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