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A great way to stay up to date and current on the new technology and discussions available to us in sustainability is to reach out to external sources to add to your reperatoire of knowledge.  The “TED Talks: Building Wonder” series is a great way to open up to the different thought processes that go into intelligent sustainable design, and a definite must-watch for those of you that are subscribed to Netflix.  Bjark Ingles starts off the series as episode 1, and he injects humor in his presentation to deliver the process he took to present his design for consideration.  If you are not subscribed to Netflix, all episodes are available to watch for free on YouTube.

For your convenience, here is a list of episodes below to make it easier for you to locate online:

Episode 1: Bjarke Ingels: Three Warp Speed Architecture Tales
Episode 2: Thomas Heatherwick: Building The Seed Cathedral
Episode 3: William McDonough On Cradle-To-Cradle
Episode 4: Cameron Sinclair On Open-Source Architecture
Episode 5: Joshua Prince-Ramus On Seattle’s Library
Episode 6: Liz Diller Plays With Architecture
Episode 7: Alex Steffen: The Shareable Future Of Cities
Episode 8: James H. Dissects Surburbia
Episode 9: Kamal Meattle On How To Grow Your Own Fresh Air
Episode 10: Jane Poynter: Life In Biosphere 2
Episode 11: Anupam Mishra: The Ancient Ingenuity Of Water Harvesting
Episode 12: Mitchell Joachim: Don’t Build Your Home, Grow It!
Episode 13: Rachel Armstrong: Architecture That Repairs Itself
Episode 14: Joshua Prince-Ramus: Building A Theater That Remakes Itself
Episode 15: Magnus Larsson: Turning Dunes Into Architecture
Episode 16: Michael Pawlyn: Using Nature’s Genuis In Architecture
Episode 17: Ellen Dunham-Jones: Retrofitting Suburbia

Have you watched it?  What are your thoughts and favorite episodes?  Do you have any other recommendations to make to our “Must-Watch” list?  Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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