Interview – Brad Davis

Interview with Brad Davis, Interim President of West Valley College

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4 Responses to Interview – Brad Davis

  1. Carol Langston says:

    I love this interview!

  2. At about 7 minutes in Brad speaks eloquently about the Campus Center and how he sees the LEED Internship making an even greater impact moving forward. It is so great to know that our college president is so committed to sustainability!

  3. Nozomi Galloway says:

    I have an idea that would be really exciting to do…

    My idea is to have a 3-4 month long “Green School” project run by the USGBC Student Group which students from all departments could join, like the President said. The project would have different angles for each department. For example, Photography Department Students could contribute to the project by supplying related photos and artwork. Business Department Students could come up with a Green Business plan. Architecture, Landscaping, and Interior Design students are easy to fit in as well. Basically we would all be working together on a major project that at the end of the semester we could display at the Art Gallery in the Campus Center. Maybe we could even give a presentation for all faculty members and the board of trusties.

    Good for our college and good for students! 🙂

  4. Izabel Martins says:

    “every building to be LEED certified” –> that’s music to our ears!

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