Guest Speaker: Kurt Hibner – Custodial Manager, West Valley and Mission College District

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Section – Create Waste Reduction Goals – Included in the WVC Plan

  • This would be a 3-5 year plan. Goal should be at least a 100% diversion of solid waste saved from landfill – ‘leave no trace’ concept.
  • Landmark Studio Design – makes receptacles out of recycled materials – Kurt would like to see a better receptacle regarding the aesthetics for around campus.  Receptacles that do not require opening a lid, or touching it.
  • Amount of non-recycled material is already very reduced compared to the past.
  • West Valley Recycling has not had any issues with non-recyclable materials being put into the re-cycling bins.
  • Composting should be pursued, the cafeteria needs significant work, it is unclear as to what to re-cycle, wet vs. dry. Yard waste is already being addressed.
  • West Valley Recycling does 2 types of re-composting, but it would be desirable for WVC to keep the good compost.
  • Need different types of bins for various compostable materials – perhaps pictures or some other method could be used to clarify.
  • McDonald’s composts everything together. Diapers go into compost in SF.  Use vermiculture as part of the process
  • The hospitality business is the next frontier for re-cycling; perhaps try to secure a speaker from the hospitality business.

Section – Maximize Programs Offered by Contracted Waste Hauler – Include in the WVC Plan

  • Virginia and Kurt to have Randy (of WV WM Co) discuss this.
  • WVC is not locked into a contract with WV WM, so we could request proposal from another company and put it out for bid.  Kurt liked Ecology programs better.
  • Include weighing of the large bins as part of the RFP.
  • Desire the LEED credits for waste diversion – having the compost weighed helps get these credits.  It is important to document everything.
  • Some companies will actually pay for the waste.  Consider employing students to haul our own waste.
  • Kurt’s department does not have the resources to collect multiple waste streams.
  • Consider eliminating all bins from classrooms and have ‘re-cycling’ centers around campus.

Section – Reduce the Waste Stream to Landfill- Include in the WV Plan

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Section – Raise Awareness of Waste Reduction

  • Perhaps Green Apple Day of service can assist.  Have a contest for reducing waste, this has been done elsewhere.
  • Distribute other types of info to raise awareness.  Use the USGBC group to assist, provide ‘re-cycling therapists’.
  • WVC does have waste programs regarding old file cabinets, etc.  All ideas should go to Kendall regarding thoughts for this endeavor.

Section – Minimize Unnecessary Waste

  • This falls more in the realm of the Purchasing Dept.  The copy machines are still being overused.  Consider ways to encourage people to go paperless.  Ask Purchasing to provide cost info for printing, etc.
  • Teachers in all departments still require a lot of paper be submitted.  Start a campaign to raise awareness, maybe offer a prize.
  • Watch how this endeavor plays out at Mission.
  • Hand dryers in bathrooms are already being used, although some paper canisters still exist.  Find out info from Bookstore as to their incentives regarding selling books, could encourage people to purchase e-books, or even rent an e-book.
  • WVC already has an RFP with Barnes and Noble regarding e-books; this could be a good project to look into.

Section – Reduce Paper Use

  • This is already in process.

Section – Minimize Use of Disposable Items

  • This is somewhat already in process, currently switching to compostable items.
  • Kurt’s final words were to definitely take action for the ‘low-hanging fruit’.  This is primarily the Campus Center, which is student-owned, and they actually have money.  Kurt’s department does not service the Campus Center.  Kurt asked to be contacted with any ideas at 408.741.2064.

Written by Laura Knapp and edited by Lucile Glessner

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One Response to Guest Speaker: Kurt Hibner – Custodial Manager, West Valley and Mission College District

  1. I love the picture of Kurt caressing those beloved recycling bins! Great article. 🙂

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