Guest Speaker: Lisa Gautier – Matter of Trust

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Lisa wanted to make the lecture interesting… and she succeeded! Matter of Trust concentrates on Renewable Resources & Eco-enthusiasts. They strive to mimic how Mother Nature integrates enduring cycles.

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What Matter of Trust does and why:

They currently have 56 programs, all of which involve orchestrating research, hands-on maintenance, and encouragement from many experts with knowledge bases of different sources.

They concentrate on three main programs, Manmade Surplus, Natural Abundance & Eco-Education.

  1. Balance vs. out of balance
  2. Surplus ≠ Abundance
  3. Surplus = Supply

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U.S. is to be the biggest trendsetter to take surplus & sort – THE KEY IS SORTING. They sought Newman’s Own as model and got their help.  What drives people? $$, goals:

A charity’s goal is to solve problems, then go out of business. If the charity is a school, it HAS to expand. THIS IS HOW GREEN BUSINESSES SHOULD BE.

Highlighted programs:

  • Earth Day San Francisco:
    The first year, they made a huge fish out of garbage, plastic, lots of it. The second year, they made a huge maze, Earth Days-Amaze, out of bamboo, posted kids art (donated from schools) around the barricades. Jean Michel Cousteau video,, “Earth Day should be called Ocean Day.”
  • Wrap Star Campaign:
    If we can reduce the amount of plastic we use each day, we can reduce the amount of plastic that winds up in our oceans. Lots of manufacturers use WAY too much packaging for their products. Let’s band together to encourage them to rethink their packaging choices by choosing to buy products that are packaged in an environmentally friendly way. And let’s create jobs and see this generation revolutionize the packaging industry through smart design and green materials.
  • Clean Wave of the Future
    According to the EPA, 50% of the oil spilled in our waterways every year comes from motor oil run-off.  Booms are oil catchers, and can be made from natural waste fibers such as hair clippings from salons, fur clippings from groomers and waste fleece from alpaca, llama and other fleece farmers.  Watch a video on how the booms absorb oil – you won’t believe it. kits for schools show how these abundant, renewable fibers soak up oil before kids’ very eyes in science labs and shop classes. This is a fun tool for those who want a project to raise recycling and clean oceans awareness. We have how-to-make instructions in PDF and demonstration videos posted on YouTube.Lisa talked about the BP oil spill and the outpouring of help they received with a few “shout outs” to the right people. They became friends with the SF mayor (they utilized the States of Emergency Homeland, Red Cross (for press). Surfers helped and “sorted” too. Churches called out for a donation of hair for the booms and they received 19 warehouses full! They were on the Rachel Mathers Show. The EPA was fined for using the chemical Corex. They also got help from buffalo farmers who trucked in Alpaca Fleece.

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  • Excess Access
    They match business, nonprofit and household item donations with the wish lists of those nearby that can accept drop-offs or provide pick-ups. Now serving the USA, Canada and beyond. Daily, thousands of dollars-worth of secondhand goods are finding homes, and thousands of pounds worth of useful materials are being kept out of overflowing landfills.
  •  Landfill Harmonic
    Inspired by a group in Paraguay that make instruments out of recycled materials they find in landfills.  Making instruments from donated items. Wow!

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Eco-Industrial Revolution

Where not only does manufacturing, design and creativity make a comeback but it is safe, healthy and locally accessible to youth looking for apprenticeships and guidance for careers. Many of the programs that they work with involve manufacturing, stockpiles of materials, packaging and logistics.

Matter of Trust is excited to be getting an Eco-Center in San Francisco! The center will be a hub for visitors, after school programs, lectures, permanent and rotating exhibits, reference and referral library.  Exhibits will include our “sexy experts’” (Sexpert) Bench which will be a living exhibit where peer-acknowledged experts from many low-tech and hi-tech hands on sectors will come in and work and chat with visitors while they work.

Their goal for the Center is to be an access point for youth and families to learn about the Eco-industrial Revolution and become part of the solution.  They see it involving recycling and sorting manmade surplus, finding optimum uses for naturally abundant materials and providing eco-educational and inspirational blueprints, lesson plans, and manufacturing solutions and products.


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Lisa gave us all her book! “It’s Easy Being Green”, The User Friendly Eco-Handbook. Filled with fun facts & simple (green) tips and it’s made from hemp.   (Also pictured: Wrap Star sticker/swag, Lisa’s contact information and a hair boom that was made to help contain the oil spill via Excess Access.)

Written by Karin Detrick and edited by Lucile Glessner

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2 Responses to Guest Speaker: Lisa Gautier – Matter of Trust

  1. Very nice, Sharon! I like the new blog!

  2. Fantastic article! My big AHA moment during Lisa’s talk was around the concept of sorted vs unsorted. Sorted is surplus. The trick is matching the surplus with those who can use it. Sustainability is like matchmaking on a grand scale.

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