Regarding LEED Internship:
Q: Who Can Join the Internship?

Candidates are considered on a first, come first serve basis; however applicants with a strong desire to be positive contributor to our team are more than welcome to highlight their skills on their application to stand out from the crowd. What makes our internship unique is that we have students, faculty and professionals working together side-by-side to make a difference in our community.
For Interior Design students, it is geared for more people further in the program. Students should have taken ID29, ARCH84, ID29A, B, C or D. Also welcoming LEED GAs. We’re now encouraging students from other disciplines to join, such as architecture, landscaping, and art.

Q: Is the Internship happening this Semester? 

Yes. Spring semester is begins February 12, 2013 and ends May . It shall be continuing in the Fall, too.

Q: Logistics of the Internship: Who, when, where?

Who? Historically there have been about 20 interns. When? Each semester. One is about to begin. Currently All-Hands meetings are scheduled for every other Tuesday, beginning Feb. 12th, and occurs 1 pm to 3 pm.

Q: How would I join?

To request information and an application, email: anna.harrison@westvalley.edu or call 408.741.2151

Q: Can I receive credit for the Internship?

Yes, you can sign up for ID90A (3 credits) or ID90B (4 credits) for internship credits

Q: How much time is required of me if I join the internship?

For three credits a total of 144 hours must be completed. This time includes all-hands meetings, smaller group meetings, and individual work time. It’s 8-10 hours per week.

Q: What is the mission of the Internship?

LEED the way WVC is an innovative initiative demonstrating Excellence in Energy & Sustainability through collaborative decision making involving students, staff and faculty with a purpose of demonstrating measurable results and instituting sustainability education on campus.


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